Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Endless Winter

Thanks to Walt Disney the movie Frozen has encouraged my daughters to pray for snow on a daily basis. I fully believe this is why we are experiencing the winter that will never end. And although I'm grateful that God is answering the faith building prayers of a 2-- and 3--year old...I can't help but wish that this gloomy season would come to an end.

This is the first winter I have spent as a stay-at-home Mom. After nearly 10--years of working in a stressful media environment my husband and I felt that I was not finding a healthy balance between work and being a mother. As soon as I made the decision to leave my career and passion, I knew my life would never be the same.

The adrenaline rush I would feel while producing a television show would soon be replaced with the chaos of raising two toddlers only months apart without a break. Nevertheless, I thought I could conquer this. No one could raise my children the way I could. If I could produce a national television show, then I could produce the lives of my girls to perfection.

However, there is just one little problem. One of my major flaws (and I have many) is my reaction to monotony. And lets face it...being at home every day can feel monotonous. Each day I wake up and fix my girls breakfast, and I'm praying that I can smile at them instead of grunt. Then immediately my oldest will insist that I braid her hair to look exactly like Elsa guessed it--Frozen. Soon after that my youngest will have a melt down and scream at me while I begin my daily rush of activities that I hope will occupy them, tire them out, and possibly educate them. If I am able to have my coffee before it gets cold then we may start with some dancing. If not, dare I say it--we may have to start the day with a little TV while I build myself up for a day of conversation with two toddlers.

Yet, just when I think I can't take my daily routine anymore, I receive a gift. Whether it's my oldest grabbing my hand telling me how much she loves me. Or my youngest Alaina patting my back softly and lovingly. It causes me to pause and offers me hope. Hope that I made the right decision, and hope for the Spring to come and offer a new season of warmth in this seemingly never-ending winter.


  1. Stacey,
    We are so happy to have you in our group! I love this thought of seasons, it can help us hold on and get through the trying times. I laughed at your mention of Frozen, I can just picture those little princesses now. :)

  2. Stacey, my daughter is the same way about Frozen. She's 3 1/2 and believes she is Princess Ana and her older brother is Olaf. It was very brave of you to leave a career to become a homemaker. I'm a teacher and receive weeks off with my children, and I completely feel your need for something beyond our basic routines. Normally during the summer, we are busy every day with exciting things like the pool or beach or whatever, but this miserable coldness has kept us indoors and bored. Perhaps Disney needs to create a movie about summer so our girls can start praying for warmth. :)